The McGlothlins

We are currently a family of five living in San Marcos, Texas.  We are the parents, Marissa and John, and we first met way back when in 1992 in high school health class.

Our eldest son, Owen, was born in 1998 and is an amazing kid.  He is currently a seventh grader at the local, public middle school.  Owen will hopefully travel with us on our first trip to Ethiopia.  He is going to need to referee a lot of soccer games to save up the money, or be blessed by some family or friends.

Our second child, Roni, was born in 2002.  She is a treasure with a heart of gold.  She is currently a third grader at a local parochial school.  Since Roni found out that we were referred a baby girl, she has been planning the rearrangement of her room to accommodate a roommate.

Connor is our third child and was born in 2007.  It is hard to remember how things were without him.  He is not 100% sure all the time about the adoption, because sharing Mom may be a challenge.  Luckily, he only thinks he is running the show.

At the risk of giving him equal billing, but really just wanting to complete the picture, there is one yellow lab — the Great Colt McCoy.


Two years ago, we felt called to adopt an orphan from another country into our own family to share the love with which we are blessed.  Since we first started down the path of adoption, we learned about the depth and desperation of the world’s orphan population and the unique challenges in East Africa.  We have met and learned about families stepping out on faith and doing amazing things through adoption, and the stories of others have been a true inspiration and great encouragement for us to press forward with our own adoption.  Our adoption process has been filled with anxieties and frustrations, but we have never felt closer as a family or to the gospel at any prior time in our lives.  On the chance that our own journey might be of benefit to others, we decided to share the challenges, details and blessings with whomever was interested in real time on this blog.  I pray we are honest always and that we may in some small measure encourage someone as we have been encouraged by others.

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