I don’t like it when people talk about what they are doing while they do it or write about what they are writing while they are writing it.  If people would instead speak and write clearly, then the reader would feel the purpose without the necessity of it being spelled out through running commentary.  Nonetheless, I am providing this page on our blog to talk about the blog and the decisions behind it.  I recognize the conflict, and perhaps am allowing myself a little room because I don’t know if we will write well enough or communicate clear enough for the casual reader to figure out why we (and I guess if they are a reader, they) bothered.  At the same time, by making the section its own page, readers like myself can simply ignore talk of the blog on the blog.  So the page is set up as answers to FAQ(s) about the blog (which are really more questions I think someone might ask), and we will periodically add more without whipping everyone who doesn’t care by doing the updates and new Q&A(s) in the post section:

Why write a blog?

Blogs seem to go hand in hand with international adoptions.  It isn’t that everyone does it, it is rather that everyone who we know about does it.  It’s the doing it that allows us to know about them, and by knowing about the other families that are adopting (and blogging), we have been informed, inspired, humbled, directed and thankful.  I literally checked the Bollingers’ ( blog three times a day while they were in the Ukraine which may have made their hit numbers a little misleading.  In any event, it informed my prayers for them and inspired me.  Marissa looks at a number of blogs which I am sure she will plug later, and she learns a lot about Ethiopia and the process.  Community helps get through the rough times and the joy of one becomes the joy of many; international adoption usually has some rough times and some joy — perfect for community.  So we write in the spirit of sharing as others have shared, and at the same time we contribute to the community from which we have gained so much.

What about the content?

I find the only blogs which are helpful to me are honest, real-time and vulnerable.  The genius and allure of a blog is the real time nature of it — you get to know them and feel like you are walking with them, for better or for worse.  It isn’t a book written after the fact and revised to push the direction the author wants the reader to lean, because there isn’t the advantage of distance or time.  In that spirit, we will try to throw it right out there while we feel it and ignore the filter as much as we can.  If that makes us look unprepared, idealistic, numb, misdirected, in over our heads, etc., all the better.  It doesn’t take perfect parents to rescue an orphan — just parents.  That is all we are, but with all our flaws, God can love, provide and care for our new child through us better than the orphanage.


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