Someone reading our blog may have a heart to help us, so we have to share our vulnerabilities and be honest about areas we don’t have under control.  Being imperfect does not disqualify us from adopting, because where we are weak, God is strong.  He will make up where we fall short, and God will bring our daughter home.  If you want to help us, here is what we need help with:

Prayer — We have been matched with our daughter, and now we are waiting on the Ethiopian government and court system to approve our adoption.  There are many actors in Ethiopia, both from Ethiopia and from the outside (read Unicef) who routinely stand in the way of adoption approvals.  We pray that nobody will stand in the way or delay our adoption.  We pray that the government will be sped along through its investigation and that all questions in our daughter’s background will be answered appropriately and without delay.

Prayer — We are making our first trip at the end of November.  We welcome your prayers that all paperwork will be found adequate by the Court; that our travel to Addis will be safe and smooth; that our agency and the orphanage will have a satisfactory outcome at their prior hearing; that God will continue to care for As—- until we bring her home; that we will be able to quiet all distractions from pouring love out on her during our three visits; that Roni and Connor will do well in our absence; and that we will be strong for the challenges which we cannot predict but know will come.

Help — We are leaving Roni and Connor behind for our first trip which will mean being away from them about 12 days.  We will really need some help to keep them comfortable and thriving in our absence.

Help — We are adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia.  We have no experience with the appropriate care for her hair.  If you know of anyone in the San Marcos area who can be a resource for us as we try to figure those things out, please email Marissa at

Prayer — Adoption involves a ton of paperwork.  We completed all the paperwork in late 2009 and early 2010, but we have been waiting so long many documents have expired.  We pray that we will have the endurance to fight through the paperwork to insure there are no loose ends on the domestic side.

Donations — When we started waiting for our child, we were expected to travel one time for our court appointment in Addis and expected to return to the states with our child if the court granted us custody.  That has changed.  The US State Department now conducts its own investigation into the adoption after Addis court approval.  This can take four to six weeks, and means we will have to return to the states after we are awarded custody but before we can bring our daughter home.  This also means we will have to make a second trip from San Marcos to Addis.  We do not really have the money for this second trip, and we would like to raise it.  Only one of us is required to travel the second time, but we both would like to go to bring our daughter home.  Airfare is about $1,600 each and we will have some in-country travel expenses for hotel and other things, so we would like to raise $4,000 for the second trip.  We are going to do a number of things to try to raise that money, and one or all might provide you an opportunity to help:

Marathon for Adoption

Direct Donations


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