Should we stay or should we go now

Since we left Addis 113 days ago, Marissa and I wanted to return immediately to be reunited with our daughter –this time forever.  The reunion will bring indescribable joy, and we will get to start the long process of walking with Aseres into love, light and freedom.  Our own desire to go for the joy of the reunion and to start the work ahead has been almost irrepressible.  However, we didn’t want to go until God called us to go.  We have faith that he has been a perfect father to Aseres and that she has not lacked during this separation, as he promised us.  And we have faith that God can handle freeing Aseres without our help.

Still, in prayer, we have listened to hear God tell us to “go,” but instead, God has called us to feed the hungry, pray with widows, fight for the imprisoned, minister to the fatherless, visit the sick and pray for healing, and loosen provision for the oppressed.  God’s call on our time left no lull and the call to mission where we live was the only call we heard from him.  Instead of “go” we were asked to trust him.  This week, things cleared out and we began planning how and when we would go.  We hatched a really smart plan where Marissa would go in advance and I would stay with our big three kids.  Once CIS cleared Aseres’ case, I would join them to bring her home.  Yet, we felt no peace in our smart plan.  This morning I awoke at 2 a.m. and couldn’t sleep.  When I got on my face before God to push back for 113 days and counting, I kept hearing that it was time to “go.”  Finally, I heard what I had waited for but only after I started planning instead of waiting; maybe God hadn’t heard about my smart plan to stay instead and send Marissa.  Did “go” mean “stay and send?”

We decided it meant “go” and that God knew who he was talking to, so we will go on Wednesday morning — together.  We will take placement of Aseres on Friday — together.  And we will begin the process of walking with her in love to light and freedom — together.  Together, we will wait at the wall Satan has built around Aseres’ entry to the US, and we will wait for God to win the battle and unite our family.

I am aware that some of you will second guess — you are leaving your three older kids, your approval is uncertain, the timeline could stretch, you can’t pay for an extended stay…. True, but we are going to trust God to finish the fight for his glory and take care of us along the way.  And we are not going to allow an earthly, flawed government to tell us when it is time to be present in our daughter’s life.  God guides that decision, not some nitwit at the embassy.  We really don’t care what people may say, except a much older Aseres when she asks what we did when her entry was uncertain and delayed, to which we will reply “baby, we waited and waited until it was God’s time and we ran to be with you forever, and to love you — together.”

Dear God, thank you for providing and caring for Aseres while she was trapped in separation and thank you for the joy we have seen in her pictures — as your word says “you have been the helper of the fatherless.”  Now please, “break the arm of the wicked and evildoer; call his wickedness to account until you find none” (Psalm 10) and free our baby to come home.

Next post from Addis with new pics…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 01:45:54

    I’m a guy so I oversimplify things, but if God says go, then it’s the right thing to do. Go bring your daughter home 🙂


  2. Kim & Steve Francis
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 13:55:20

    You will be with your sweet little girl in 1 week! Congratulations! So happy for you in being able to be with her again and in finding peace and clarity in your decision to go. Things will work out. You will be with your daughter. Can’t wait for the updates. Cant wait until you are all home together…it’s amazing.


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